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Welcome to a place of healing and growth. Better Me Academy (BMA) is an empowering space where you can become better; body, soul, and spirit. 

You can come to BMA as you are. You don't have to primp and prime. Come and bring God all of the pieces and allow Him to heal you. Every time you come you get a little bit better. You hear a little bit better. You see a little bit better. You understand a little bit better. The work is done from the inside out. Your soul gets better. Your spiritual walk gets better. And, it begins to become visible in your flesh in the way that you live and in the way that you move. We become better for Christ and then, as we become better, we start to be better wives, better sisters, better mothers, and better daughters... just better for the kingdom of God.

It is my hope that Better Me Academy awakens you and allows you to see yourself the way God sees you. I pray that when you walk away from BMA, you feel loved, healed, validated, safe, and ultimately...better. Period.

With love and grace,

Pastor Meka Beacham

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